About Us
Since 1976 the group has served in infrastructure market in Bursa and entered to valve manufacturing business by producing the first Asteknik brand butterfly valve in 1985. At the present time besides butterfly valves, check valves, dismantling joints, knife gate valves and elastomer gaskets are in the product portfolio. All these valves are produced in our factory located in Mustafakemalpasa – Bursa in 13000 m2 closed area.

1976 First started its journey with project designing
1980 Wholesaling to the construction and armature markets
1985 First butterfly valve production in Bursa
1997 New factory in M.K.Pasa-Bursa with 2500 m2 closed area
2000 Growth in sales and production
2003 New production area with 5000m2 closed area
2008 Total 8000m2 production area.
2010 New production area for big valves with 5000 m2closed area.


More than 30 years dedicated in the valve industry.


Direct and flexible works
Customer oriented production
Quick delivery
Excellent after sales service